An early birthday present from Abe and Amy...thanks, guys!
"Look how tall I am, Daddy!"

Mmmm, cream cheese icing!
Callum Pieter loves his Uncle Pieter


Back to School

Check out this guide to PVC-free school supplies for your children. This is from CHEJ (The Center for Health, Environment and Justice. I'm not familiar with all of the companies listed, but it's worth checking out if want to be PVC-free!
More stuff on Enviroblog.



On the road to Killbear Park for Callum's first camping experience!

He loved the beach, and despite a few mosquito bites and a rough first night, he was a happy camper. Sean was enjoying it too!
After floating a while in his doggie dinghy, it was time to play in the sand. He loves grabbing and throwing handfuls of dirt and pebbles, so the beach was the perfect place to play. I was glad he didn't eat any. Callum had tons of fun with Gramma. She played "bumpy road" and "little piggys" with him and he LOVED it! He tried to do "little piggy" with her hands too!
Daddy bought a hat that matched Callum's for the trip
Chillaxin' with Grampa at our first fire!
"...hole in the road!"
Sizing each other up? This is about how much they played togetherThey usually did their own thing. (Unless they're just pretending they don't like each other here...the camera's on, you know....:) )