Two Little Boys

Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law who were blessed last Tuesday with two healthy baby boys! Aren't they sweet? I bet their big sister adores them as much as their mommy and daddy. Wishing you patience (and hopefully some rest!) as you adjust to life as a family of five. Hope your recovery is going well. xo



The Seraphs' Call

I opened the Bible for my daily morning read in front of the kitchen window, and a sliver of sun fell on this verse. I thought it was pretty neat...


Changing Me

Frustrated, I open the door for the third time, bracing against the screams which immediately cease with a gulp and a whimper when I enter the room. I pick him up this time, instead of laying him down again, because that didn’t seem to work the first two times. I carry him to the living room, dim the lights and sit down in the rocking recliner.

He lies still on my chest, calm now. He turns his head up to look at me, eyes dark in the evening light. I wonder what he’s thinking, just laying there looking at me. Then I wonder why I was so frustrated and reprimand myself for my short temper again. Why should I get so flustered just because a tiny being wants a little bit of comfort? He lays a warm hand on my neck, still gazing up at me. I think about the impression I want to leave my children with when they grow up. I don’t want to be angry mom, short-tempered mom, exasperated mom. I want to be patient and kind, just the traits I wish for my children to have.

God is using my children to teach me. He didn’t bless me with children just so that I could help them grow. He gave them to me to change my heart as well. Learning humility. Patience. Selflessness. And, in wondering how to go about this monumental task of raising God-loving children, my spirit is challenged too.

Lord, help me as I learn and grow, as I help them learn and grow! Equip me with the right tools to guide and teach your children.

Music Monday - O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

By Selah, from their album Hiding Place. Another favorite from this album is By and By, which I love to crank tp to eardrum rupturing levels while driving. Or cleaning. Cooking, even.


Summer in Winter

The atmosphere is warm and damp. There is a rushing sound of a waterfall in the distance. Colourful flowers and butterflies abound. Where is this utopia in the middle of winter? In southern Ontario? Yes! The Butterfly Conservatory, located in Niagara Falls, is a little slice of summer in a cold and dreary winter. During the holidays, we once again made the trip out there for a feast for the senses. Well, maybe not taste so much, although this little guy seems to be enjoying this flower quite well...

It's tough to catch the Blue Morpho with their wings open. They are a beautiful brilliant blue, which you can only observe during flight.
I caught a tiny peek in this photo, after waiting and snapping quickly every time they so much as moved!
I am amazed time and time again when I consider how a mere caterpillar changes into a beautiful winged creature. How he shows his loving and creative hand in the tiny butterfly! How great is God!
I think the waterfall was the best part of the trip for C-note. The whole walk through he was asking if we could see it. The sound of it kept distracting him. He could hear it, but not see it! After many assurances that we indeed will see it, yes, soon, yes, almost there, pretty close, and finally! :)


Eleven Months!

hiding under the couch

It's hard to believe so much time has passed already! He's getting better at eating real food, although the things you'd expect babies to like, he doesn't. Like yummy mashed potatoes. He loves to chew on celery and apples, doesn't like meat but loves cheese and peanut butter. No walking yet, but he's standing a lot (with a hand on something.) He adores his big brother and always wants to be near him (which big brother dosen't quite understand...) He recognizes a lot of words, and always points at things he wants saying "dis," or "da!"

I have so much more to post yet, I am far behind! It seems that one thing after another happens around here, but I hope to do some catching up soon!