Wow, it's been a while since I posted! I've been doing a lot more browsing and reading other people's blogs. Also, in an attempt to become more "green" I have been doing a lot more research into safer products for us and for the earth. In the days leading up to camping I tried to find safer bug repellents and sunscreens. Whew, what a lot of information out there! And, of course, there's always another link to get me sidetracked...

So, here's what I've been reading lately, I've saved the interesting bits for you! Some useful information as well as some fun stuff. Cheers!

David Suzuki Digs My Garden A fun contest to see who has the best pesticide-free garden!

GreenPrint Save trees!

Safemama Check out the Cheat Sheets.

gDiapers Diapers you can flush or compost!

EWG's Sunscreen Summary

Healthy Child, Healthy World more on sunscreens

EWG's Pesticides in Produce List

The Polka Dot Tot Spot

Just the Essentials natural bug repellent found at Goodness Me

Once Upon a Child Baby Buzz Patch (natural bug repellent) can be found here

Yellow Label Kids Fairly traded hand-knit clothes and toys.

Cool Mom Picks Safer toy guide

Plan Toys Can you tell I like toys? Hmm, I think I'll make up a birthday list for Cal.

There's more but I am tired now and need to sleeeep. Next post I'll put up my camping pictures, and tell you more about my son who talks like an Ewok and loves to use his forehead as a hammer. A mommy-nose-bludgeoning hammer. G'night.... zzzz


Part Two...just for you, Lisa! :)

Our family Mom and Dad havin fun

"Hey, you cheated!"
Barbara looks worried.

More Bocce

Go fly a kite.
Tim getting croquet ready.

Cal and Unkie Mike


All he wants to do is walk...

He hasn't quite figured out that he needs to put his hands on the yellow bar!


Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary (part 1)

17 grandchildren, and one on the way! Olivia and her kite
The bouncy castle
Boys playing ball
...and girls too!
Do you play croquet?
Bocce Ball. A very serious game.
A flower for me?

Those are some bright socks. :)
Hey, girls only!
Mmmm...barbeque chicken

Freezie Frenzy!
His batteries finally ran out.

Callum and Sean

Julie and Wayne came over with Sean so Callum got to see is old buddy again! While I was uploading the photos I was thinking how great it is to have friends from all over! Not only that, but we have brothers and sisters everywhere -- no matter where God calls us. What a blessing it is, to be a part of the communion of saints!