Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary (part 1)

17 grandchildren, and one on the way! Olivia and her kite
The bouncy castle
Boys playing ball
...and girls too!
Do you play croquet?
Bocce Ball. A very serious game.
A flower for me?

Those are some bright socks. :)
Hey, girls only!
Mmmm...barbeque chicken

Freezie Frenzy!
His batteries finally ran out.


Lisa said...

Aunt Sandra in her glory! I love the little drool just about to drip off his mouth...He was a good boy that day!

Kevin & Amy said...

Great pictures! Looks like it was a great day:)

Lisa said...

....where is Part 2?.....

willow sprite said...

Sorry, I haven't been up to blogging much lately. I haven't even done a ten-month post yet. The rest will be up soon.