Happy Reformation Day!

I came across this website from David Murray's blog and found the mini-documentary very informative.  If you have a few minutes and are interested in learning about the humble beginnings of the Reformation, please watch!
Out of Darkness; The Story of the English Bible is a four-part mini documentary, produced by Truth Remains, that tells the story of God's careful preservation of Scripture through the centuries. The men who gave their lives to translate the Bible into English are not household names, yet the bloody price they paid fuelled the Reformation and shaped the modern world, enabling countless Christians to enjoy the privilege of owning and studying God's Word in English.
I also enjoyed reading this article about Ulrich Zwingli by some guy on another blog.  Definitely worth a read!  I am amazed, humbled, and so thankful for these brave men who challenged the authority of the Roman Catholic Church and stayed true to the Word.

Autumn - a wrap-up in photographs

Since we've been having such chilly weather lately, it feels like Fall is already over.  It doesn't last long around here, though!  It was beautiful while it lasted and we got some great walks in.  We've been puréeing pumpkins and shredding carrots the last couple of weeks to store in the freezer for future incorporation into baked goods.  School is going well for C-note, but we've all been fighting virus after virus since it started!  A-team is enjoying staying home with mommy yet, and gets along well with his little sister, until she cracks him on the head with something.
Life is busy, and full of snotty noses, but it's good.  We have much to be thankful for.


Making sock puppets...and putting on a show!
More reading...
Playing with leaves...

Watching a video 
Playing with cloud dough

Going for walks, and seeing the last of the insects...



Fifteen Months

Gramma's red hair  
Strawberry loves to read books and will often imitate reading a story, babbling away as she turns the pages.  She's got the walking thing down pat, and even figured out how to go down the stairs all by herself.  She knows all her body parts "Where's your ear?" and understands and complies with simple phrases like "put it back," or "close the door" but every time we ask her a question she answers "no."  Unless it's something she would like, such as going outside or having a snack, then it's answered by a huge grin and "Eeee!"
Daddy's toes
She understands (or copies) communication well and likes having a conversation with me in her own language, complete with intonation.  She also can say lots of real words too, like shoes, bubble, cheese, cracker, baf, cookie, apple, and that a cow says moo and sheep say baa.  It amazes me how bang-on she can be with pronunciation.  Once I was buckling her in her car seat and told her so.  "Buh?" she said.  "Yes, buckle."  "Cuckle?" she answered.  "Almost!  Buckle." I say, not thinking she would quite get it. "Buckle!" came the triumphant reply!
Our littlest blessing. :)
Still only has two teeth, which finally showed up at the end of her first year, but two are about to push though at the top as well.  Still wary of others who are not her family, she reserves her smiles for us only.  Still hates the nursery but will tolerate it for a little while if held constantly.  She frequently goes through phases of independent play to being clingy.  It's the age of opposites.  And separation anxiety!