Autumn - a wrap-up in photographs

Since we've been having such chilly weather lately, it feels like Fall is already over.  It doesn't last long around here, though!  It was beautiful while it lasted and we got some great walks in.  We've been puréeing pumpkins and shredding carrots the last couple of weeks to store in the freezer for future incorporation into baked goods.  School is going well for C-note, but we've all been fighting virus after virus since it started!  A-team is enjoying staying home with mommy yet, and gets along well with his little sister, until she cracks him on the head with something.
Life is busy, and full of snotty noses, but it's good.  We have much to be thankful for.


Making sock puppets...and putting on a show!
More reading...
Playing with leaves...

Watching a video 
Playing with cloud dough

Going for walks, and seeing the last of the insects...


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Lisa Pieterman said...

Thanks for the update! Love seeing pictures of the kiddos

Love and miss you all!!