Happy Birthday Little Man

He's three today! Now I can finally say that when people ask, rather than "He's two and three quarters/almost three/three in a few months/weeks, etc...
Happy Birthday C-note! You're a bright little light in our lives, with your constantly inqusitive mind and cheerful disposition. Love you!


A Day Trip Part Two...Finally.

After checking out the falls, we went to the Bird Kingdom nearby. I think the reptile section was C-note's favorite as he could get nice and close to the animals. We had to keep going back to the tortoises, he sure loved those!

Next was the small aviary, which wasn't as impressive as the cool snakes and lizards we saw. The birds didn't have a lot of room to fly. Afterwards we went through a nocturnal section where we disturbed some sleeping owls, bats, salamanders and scorpions.
The large aviary was bright and roomy with a little waterfall and some very interesting birds!


A Day Trip

We took our first day trip as a family of four to Niagara Falls a couple of weeks ago. After paying an atrocious fee just to park our vehicle for a few hours, battled the crowds for a glimpse of the grandeur. The Falls, as always, were beautiful to behold, a wonder of creation! C-note thought they were pretty neat, too, for a few minutes.
After a while we went to Bird Kingdom nearby. I'll post that next.
It's so hard to take a photo without getting some stranger's body part in it! If only the falls were still this photogenic!