Back to Normal

If you want to call it normal. We're just a setting on a washing machine, then. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are still alive. Callum is all better, he's been running around and shouting Klingon or whatever language he speaks. Well, except for today when it was more whining and he was more of a cling-on than Klingon. A sudden rise in temperature has made him a bit grouchy. I think it's more teeth coming in, seeing as his fingers have been in his mouth a lot today and he's certainly drooling enough.

Another thing going on in our lives is our upcoming trip to Denver. The vacant congregation there has asked us to come and visit them for a while. They would like to meet us and hear Stu preach. We will be there over two Sundays. The hard part of this trip is that we decided to leave Callum at my parents' place. I've never been away from him for more than a few hours so this will be very very hard for me! I know that he is in very capable hands, and that he will be comfortable and have everything he needs. Why, knowing this, is it still so hard?


Before and After

Healthy Boy Sick Boy

I won't mention the crying, coughing, vomiting, snotty sleeplessness in between. Oh, wait...;)
Update: We took him to the doc today, where she told us that he has an ear infection, plus a bit of bronchitis (again! Will he get it every winter?) After his first dose of antibiotics and some pain releif he ate his first meal in a long time! And he had two long naps. I think he's starting to feel better, he's chatting like crazy again.

Update#2 Well, that night he threw up again, and didn't want anything else so he went to bed with nothing in his stomach. The next morning he had half of a bottle of milk in the morning, and a little bit of banana at lunch. He slept so soundly and so long at nap time! After some applesauce he had a nice long sleep. This morning he had half a bottle and after a bath he seemed hungry and ate a whole serving of cereal! Then some banana and bread at lunch, and a long nap. He only wanted applesauce again for dinner. I'm trying to get him to drink throughout the day but he dosen't want much. Today it was only about 1/3 cup of applejuice, and besides his milk in the morning, nothing else. I'm a bit concerned because he's not getting any protein. His appetite is steadily improving, so maybe tomorrow he'll have more. We can tell he's lost some weight, his tummy isn't as bulgy as before! :) Aside from being listless and needing cuddles and comfort throughout the day, (also screaming when taking his medicine) he seems to be getting a bit better, waking up chatting and smiling instead of moaning... Still, the coughing is bad, too.
Now mommy's got his sinus cold...


It's done!

I haven't really started Callum's scrapbook, yet, but I got his shadowbox done! Yay! It's hard to get a good photo of it, you'll have to see it in person sometime. It contains his cord clip, a Gerber spoon engraved with his name and birthdate, a lock of hair from his first haircut, our hospital bracelets, his professional baby photo, and the beads from my incision.


Wings of...Paradise?

To escape the winter blahs, we decided to go to Wings of Paradise in Cambridge on Friday. We've been to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls before and were quite delighted by it so we thought we would try a different one this time. The website told us that we could expect to see 2000 to 3000 butterflies and over 12 different species of birds. Well, we saw five butterflies and a couple of finches. At least Callum had fun running around, pointing and yelling at the birds! It was so much fun to get out of the house, and do something, just the three of us. We had dinner at Boston Pizza afterwards - another first for us!

Another Visitor

Stu got these shots with our telephoto lens.

Oh, what fun!

Photo Ketchup III : Boxing Day

We three chicks"This little piggy...``
Dan's festive hair
Watching racing games. Anyone recognize the futon?I dunno who took this pic, but it's cool. A hilarious practice group photo.
I wish I had my tripod with me...it would have worked better!


Photo Ketchup II : Christmas Day

Peekaboo!Aunt Janna's hands. And Oma and I.Mmmm, cake!Now it's my turn!


Photo Ketchup I : Christmas Week

Favorite hobby... Playing with Gramma
Reading with Grandpa
A visit from Nate and
Playing with Daddy

"Are you awake?" *poke*

A Great Post from Northwest Mom Finds

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The reusable snack bags are a perfect example. These charming all-cotton pockets replace the hundreds of disposable plastic baggies we use each year for lunch boxes or snacks. A velcro-style closure prevents spills, but is still easy for kids to open. Cleaning is a snap: toss them in the washing machine or just handwash them along with the dishes. And unlike other reusable containers, you don't have to worry about misplacing a lid.
They're just the kind of tiny change that makes me smile.
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