Back to Normal

If you want to call it normal. We're just a setting on a washing machine, then. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are still alive. Callum is all better, he's been running around and shouting Klingon or whatever language he speaks. Well, except for today when it was more whining and he was more of a cling-on than Klingon. A sudden rise in temperature has made him a bit grouchy. I think it's more teeth coming in, seeing as his fingers have been in his mouth a lot today and he's certainly drooling enough.

Another thing going on in our lives is our upcoming trip to Denver. The vacant congregation there has asked us to come and visit them for a while. They would like to meet us and hear Stu preach. We will be there over two Sundays. The hard part of this trip is that we decided to leave Callum at my parents' place. I've never been away from him for more than a few hours so this will be very very hard for me! I know that he is in very capable hands, and that he will be comfortable and have everything he needs. Why, knowing this, is it still so hard?


Lisa said...

Because you're a Mommy. I think it's probably a good idea to leave him in familiar, comfortable surroundings though. You and Stu will be able to (hopefully) relax a bit more, and concentrate on visits/information upload in Denver.
Have a good trip - when do you leave?

The Busy Mom said...

Sherri - it's always hard to leave them. But he's in good hands so take this time to enjoy yourselves!
All the best with your trip to Denver!

willowsprite said...

Thanks, gals. We are leaving on Saturday. *sniff*

Marlaine said...

Hey Sher! Guess your being already in Denver explains why I couldn't get ahold of you last weekend :-)
Hope it's going well... I'm sure Callum and his grandma are having a blast!
Give me a call when you get back, k?