Before and After

Healthy Boy Sick Boy

I won't mention the crying, coughing, vomiting, snotty sleeplessness in between. Oh, wait...;)
Update: We took him to the doc today, where she told us that he has an ear infection, plus a bit of bronchitis (again! Will he get it every winter?) After his first dose of antibiotics and some pain releif he ate his first meal in a long time! And he had two long naps. I think he's starting to feel better, he's chatting like crazy again.

Update#2 Well, that night he threw up again, and didn't want anything else so he went to bed with nothing in his stomach. The next morning he had half of a bottle of milk in the morning, and a little bit of banana at lunch. He slept so soundly and so long at nap time! After some applesauce he had a nice long sleep. This morning he had half a bottle and after a bath he seemed hungry and ate a whole serving of cereal! Then some banana and bread at lunch, and a long nap. He only wanted applesauce again for dinner. I'm trying to get him to drink throughout the day but he dosen't want much. Today it was only about 1/3 cup of applejuice, and besides his milk in the morning, nothing else. I'm a bit concerned because he's not getting any protein. His appetite is steadily improving, so maybe tomorrow he'll have more. We can tell he's lost some weight, his tummy isn't as bulgy as before! :) Aside from being listless and needing cuddles and comfort throughout the day, (also screaming when taking his medicine) he seems to be getting a bit better, waking up chatting and smiling instead of moaning... Still, the coughing is bad, too.
Now mommy's got his sinus cold...


Anonymous said...

I know that look. I'm starting to be able to tell when my boys are sick just by looking at their eyes. Forget the thermometer. 105.3F means nothing with Caleb unless he has the look to go with it.
Hope he is doing better!

Lisa said...

Awww...poor little guy, he does not look happy...
Talk to Alica about the bronchitis, maybe he has the Harsevoort weak chest.
I hope he is doing better too!
See you Saturday

Lisa said...

And what's wrong with your header?

amymom24 said...

Poor little buddy. It is so crummy when babies are sick...:(

amymom24 said...

Here's a helpful link regarding your header: