Photo Ketchup III : Boxing Day

We three chicks"This little piggy...``
Dan's festive hair
Watching racing games. Anyone recognize the futon?I dunno who took this pic, but it's cool. A hilarious practice group photo.
I wish I had my tripod with me...it would have worked better!


Mum said...

One big happy, er, crazy family eh? Hey, everyone is different, and good thing. Imagine if we were all like wonderful me. That would be a touch borning, no?

Mum said...

I mean boring. not borning. I don't know what borning is, but it sounds interesting. Maybe it means half wonderfully born and half i dunno...you ever type and then don;t know what's left to type? just sometimes you wanna type for the sake of being heard? ok, read? Heehehe And I just love the word we have to type for verification. Mega weird and fun. Last time it was something like Holarita...Part my name, neat eh? Right now I see "hogine". Does that mean it's a cross between a hog and a wolverine? Scarey thought. And that, I shall leave you with now.