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One small step for lunches, one giant leap for landfillsSometimes it's the small changes I find the most satisfying: taking baby steps to stay away from plastics, reduce our family's waste, or just make daily life a little prettier. Maybe that's why I love browsing through Washington-based Plum Creek Mercantile. Each of their simple, thoughtfully designed products aims to help us live a bit more softly on the earth as we go through our day.
The reusable snack bags are a perfect example. These charming all-cotton pockets replace the hundreds of disposable plastic baggies we use each year for lunch boxes or snacks. A velcro-style closure prevents spills, but is still easy for kids to open. Cleaning is a snap: toss them in the washing machine or just handwash them along with the dishes. And unlike other reusable containers, you don't have to worry about misplacing a lid.
They're just the kind of tiny change that makes me smile.
$25 (set of 2 large, 2 medium, 1 small) at Plum Creek Mercantile
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