We've been away...

...and now we're back! We went to my hometown of Orangeville. It sure beat driving back and forth for Stu's preaching engagements in Grand Valley, Orangeville and Fergus. It was really cool to be close to family and old friends (sorry we didn't get to visit all of you.) We wish we could have, but it was just so busy! Having a little sick boy dosen't help matters much, either. It seems like his cold is here to stay. Stu says he'll get better in May. Heehee.
I was so happy to get back to our own house I was practically giddy. I think Callum was pretty exited too. It didn't take very long for him to have each of his toys exclaimed over and then scattered over the entire living room. We loved coming back to all the Christmas cards that came when we were away. I know, some of them on the fridge are old, because I seem to have misplaced the ones I recieved last week!
I wish you all Happy New Year, since I won't be seeing you 'cause you didn't invite me to your party. None of our friends did. *sniffle* Nobody loves us.
Oh well, we have some Chardonnay and some 2 year old Canadian white cheddar to go with that whine...I mean, wine. And I picked up a tin of those PC chocolate biscuits (boxing week blowout sale!!) so we will be having a nice quiet New Years party. Just Stu and me and Wii.
I should not complain. Spending New Years Eve in a hospital would not be the most fun either. We're thinking of you, Brian and Mel!
Also, my beloved fmws sisters probably do not have it easy either, being so far from their homes! I suppose that we should get used to having just family time on these sort of days, hey ladies?
Wishing you and yours the Lord's blessing in the new year.
Love, me.
p.s. Next post will be Christmas pics, k?


Lisa said...

Thanks! Is it tacky if I still send out Christmas pictures for your fridge? Maybe I'll bring one on Sunday for you... I didn't think to order them until the week before Christmas, I'm so bad at that stuff...

Mum said...