First Haircut

Yes, it was time for those gorgeous curls to go. His hair was getting into his eyes and his bedhead was getting to be worse than his daddy's. But don't worry, they will be back! I wanted to cut it short the first time so I would get a decent length of lock for my shadowbox (photos to follow upon completion). Next time it will just be a trim, I promise!He did not like the clippers at first, but got used to them quickly! Hey, lookit all that hair!Finishing up...In this photo he reminds me of my cousin Julie...certain faces he pulls have that effect

Itchy hairs... The result is...well, my baby dosen't look like a baby any more. *sob* He looks so different and much older. It's hard to recognize him from the back! :)

Relaxing after getting rid of all those itchy hairs in the bath


Lisa said...

Aw, man! Ok, he's still cute. But he does look older :(
You are very brave to cut it yourself! I think I cried the first time we cut Tim's hair!

Mum said...

Good job Sherri!! You're just like your mom. Easy to do with curly hair eh?
Sad to see the locks on the ground..whaaaaaa...
LOVE your photography.

amymom24 said...

Sadness... He's still stinkin' cute, though.