Seiously. Cute. Shoes. (Really.)

Someone please teach me how to sew and/or crochet? Please?
Northwest Mom Finds is giving away a pair of these adorable shoes on their blog. Check it out!

These adorable infant shoes are handmade from natural wool fibers by the
team behind Knot Sew Cute. Felted
until they become soft and snug, they are perfect for keeping tiny feet cozy
during the winter months. And how cute are those buttons? The British Columbia
shop is stocked with crochet patterns galore, but owners Kim and Tara also make up
finished products like these for the less crafty among us.


Lisa said...

Yep, those are seriously cute. Really. Once upon a time i knew how to crochet. I should probably learn again so I can teach Deanna.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. I only knit so I couldn't make them either. :(