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We all know at least one Elastigirl who virtually springs back into shape quickly postpartem. Here is a website for moms who are insecure about their body image. An excerpt gives you an idea of what the site is about:

It is my dream, then, to create this website where women of all ages, shapes,
sizes and nationalities can share images of their bodies so it will no longer be
secret. So we can finally see what women really look like sans airbrushes and
plastic surgery. I think it would be nothing short of amazing if a few of our
hearts are healed, or if we begin to cherish our new bodies which have done so
much for the human race. What if the next generation grows up knowing how normal our bodies are? How truly awesome would that be?

-The Shape of a Mother

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amymom24 said...

Very interesting project! I'm definitely NOT an elasti-girl. Glad to know there are other moms out there who also have to take some time to get used to their post-baby bodies.