At the Dykstra's

Summer can't pass by without toasting a marshmallow or two...
Nice pond
Smores face!

Stu, being active? ;)



Janna Douma said...

This is soooo exciting!!!! I never knew you could do all this!! Nice to hear from you. Love the pics. Both of you look great. The mountains will do that to you. Your mom and dad can hardly wait to see those "hills" We can't wait to go either. Glad you're having a good time. Oh, just one word of caution; Don't love it there too much eh! We want you to come back!!!! Luv ya, Aunt J.

willow sprite said...

Hi, Aunt Janna! Thanks for the comment! I do love it out here, but at the same time I miss my home. Let me know where you're going to be when you get here!
Love ya lots, Sherri

Anonymous said...

Hey cuz,
From the looks of things you are enjoying the marvels of British Columbia. There's one more that would be neat to experience... us !!!

Our phone # is 604-819-9870

Hope to hear from you soon,

Rob, Jen, Alison, and Logan