New Toys

New toys! (drool...) The ladies at church spoiled Callum with a lot of great gifts at the baby shower they threw for us! Callum recieved an excersaucer, an activity center, a car seat, a car toy and clothes. Thanks again, everyone. It was greatly appreciated.
This piece is "Stage 1" from the exersaucer kit.

Thanks for finding this mobile Mom! He really likes it! Hangin' out.

Getting tired..."Hey, my hands can grab stuff too!"
"Yikes! There's that flashing black box again!"


Lisa said...

Awww...he's getting way too big and growed up way too fast :( Are you going to the Sandink dinner next weekend?

Lisa said...

Aren't baby showers great, by the way? Sounds like he got spoiled!

willow sprite said...

Yup, we'll be there...probably not for a long time because Stu will be in the middle of exams. Yeah, baby showers are awesome! And we were spoiled with two! One from our church, and one from Willoughby Heights.

Anonymous said...

love the pics!!! He is soooo cute!
We need to get together soon again...
I would like to have your e-mail address... I think I have the wrong one!