Christmas with family

Getting spoiled.
Callum and his Uncle Dan

Merry Christmas!


Mom and Leanne being...well, Mom and Leanne!

No one saved me any dessert...*pout*

Callum and his Aunty LeanneHi Gramma!

Turkey two ways - barbequed and....

... roasted! Yum!

Listening intently to Gramma's story

It was funny.
Love on both sides
Eric and his model squint

Two sistas


Lisa said...

What are you doing leaning out that window??
And did you get new glasses?

willow sprite said...

Just keeping Leanne company...yup, I got new glasses! How is everyone? Recovered?

Lisa said...

I thought so, they look very nice!
Everyone seems to be recovered here (knock on wood). Only Tim and Deanna ended up with the full-blown version, Art felt lousy all day Sunday, but was better Monday.
Hopefully we are done with it now!
Happy New Year, by the way!

Anonymous said...

KEWL! You take amazing pics! I love the birds in flight! I love the hoarfrost on the plants. Callum is sure growing up so fast eh? I had to laugh at the comment, "listening to gramma's story", and then the next pic is "it was funny", and Callum is laughing. Hahaha....good job Sherri! Also, VERY good commenting on the REAL reason for Christmas. I agree about the silly songs that are sung, and will always be around. In the song Drummer boy, "The ox and lambs kept time"..imagine seeing some animals bobbing thier heads up and down to a beat of a drummer? Sheesh.
Bye sweety. love you.

mum said...

wow...only 4 years ago, and yet this seems soooo long ago...