I`m not normally a snow lover, but it`s actually nice seeing a beautiful blanket of white over everything, after seeing just brown, dead grass all winter!
C-note loves the snow, and even helped daddy shovel the sidewalk with his little shovel (actually a small dustpan)

Mr. Muskrat
Mr. Snowman


Jenn said...

Hey Welcome to winter! Snow is so much fun for the kids. I'm glad we have it most of the winter, or I'm sure they'd be quite bored. I like your itty bitty snow man too, he's cute!

mom said...

In the top picture, Callum sure looks like a little boy now. The baby face is slowly leaving.
Great pics Sherri!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenn. I made the snowman for Callum, and was too impatient (and out of practice) to make a big one.

Maybe I'll try my hand at it again.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that Mr. Snowman looks like Mr. Peanut. I should have added spats, a walking stick, a monocle and a top hat!

Andrew and Natalie VanderHeide said...

Hi Sherri,
I always used to follow your blog, but somehow it didn't end up as bookmarked on this new laptop I am using....however, your comment on our blog (thank you!) brought me bag to yours,and now you are bookmarked again! I have enjoyed the catch-up and love the snow-pics. Sometimes I feel I could do with a bit of cold as we constantly sit and swelter and sweat...but then I remind myself that snow and cold was not something I really loved when we were in Canada, and I am thankful for the warmth!