Ten weeks! Lately A-team has been waking once a night now, although still going to bed between 10 and eleven pm. He loves the bath, and loves to sit up. He'll sit in his Bebe Pod on the table while we have dinner. He is very observant, and tracks people and objects very well. He loves to watch mommy cook dinner or clean the house, and his big brother play. Then when he's had enough of that he'll let it be known that he wants to be picked up, as he loves to be held most of all. Then he'll tell some stories. Sometimes quite loudly with tons of smiles and an expressive brow, just like his brother. He's drooling a lot and likes to chew on things already. Although his hands are contantly grasping, and he stares at some things as if he really wants to grab them, he hasn't quite mastered that yet.

Now that the weather is warmer, C-note likes to go outside a little more often. He dosen't like it when it's windy, though! He's not allowed to go onto the driveway because of all the traffic coming into the farm, and he obeys that rule very well. One of the guys commented that he runs right to the very edge and stops short like he'll get zapped if he touches the pavement!

His excellent vocabulary and the ability to form perfect sentences continues to surprise and delight us! He's always polite, saying please, thankyou, and sorry at appropriate moments. He also has a huge imagination. It's really neat to watch him play. One day, I had left a bottle of newly-bought sunscreen on the table for Stu to bring to work. C-note started doing some motions with it and running back and forth from the kitchen to the livingroom. Curious, I asked him what he was doing. He pretended to unscrew the cap, and took out an imaginary computer, held it in one hand, and began typing on it with the other. He took the imaginary computer to the livingroom, put it down on the table, then came running back into the kitchen, throwing up his hands , saying, "Where's my computer? I lost it! Better get another one." Then he would do it all over again. In addition to all the English he knows, he also has his own language which he will babble on in when he's extra hyper. The only thing I can do is agree with him when he poses a question in C-noteese.


Mum said...

MEGA nice pics Sherri! I copied the first one to my pictures on the computer. I don;t think it will print nicely though, cuz it has letters through it. Hmm...when did that start happening? and Why?
Hey, hope you had a great day on your birthday today. (I got called in earlier than normal, AND she needed me till just a while ago. But the message and love is genuine..lol.
Our prayers are for you to enjoy many healthy and wonderful years God is giving you, and that He may Guide you and keep you for many many more to come.

Jenn said...

Awesome pictures Sherri! It is fun to compare boys...I'll have to update soon.

Happy Birthday to you too!

aroukema said...

Callumese - hee hee - I like it.
That top picture is just beautiful. They are so sweet together.

Tanya said...

Awesome pics, Sherri!

willowsprite said...

Thanks, everyone!
Mom, it's called a watermark, and I've always meant to put it on my photos to protect them. I finally got around to it this time!