Eight Months

A-team is now two thirds of a year old. He has two teeth on his bottom jaw, and drools more than ever. Although not officially crawling on hands and knees, he is still very mobile, getting around by pulling with his arms and pushing with his legs. He'll go from sitting position to crawling position, but not the other way around.
He dosen't like baby cereal, or my purees, but prefers big people food. He will eat blueberries, bits of cheese, sweet potato, cheerios, and bread, etc. He's a pretty content child, and usually can occupy himself with a few toys for quite a while. He loves to watch his big brother's silly antics, screeching with laughter!
He loves to play peekaboo, pulling a blanket or curtain over his face and yanking it back, saying "Aboo!" and giggling.

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