Go West

This month is flying by so quickly with our move across the provinces looming large. In addition to all the packing we're getting all our visits in to friends and family we won't see for a long time.

I had to say farewell to a dear friend I've known all my life. In the early years we were just around the corner from each other. Then we both became "country girls." Later we had our first babies at the same time.
I was fine until after we left. The truck started up. Then this song came on. I had put an old mix cd in, not knowing what songs were on it. As it started playing, it hit me again that we're really doing this, we're really going to be far from everything and everyone we've ever known.

Including the little girl who used to live on my street, who now has a little boy who is friends with my little boy.

We'll miss you.


mum said...

o that's nice sherri...you guys visited Julie and Wayne recently and got this pic? Too cute!

Mum said...

I looked at these pics again, and ASher walking, WHILE that song was playing (West), and I started crying. Man o man.....It's starting to hit me too Sherri....wow..I guess keeping it in the back of the mind is getting harder and harder.
This song is soooooo sad....(happy/sad) but sad cuz it's my daughter/soninlaw/grandkids that are moving so far! 'Course you just HAD to put such a cute picture of the boys there, and li'l Asher walking...and you and Julie....*sniffle*...

Kathryn said...

That is an adorable picture Sherri. I wish we could have said a proper goodbye; I'm shedding my tears right now as I read your blog...maybe it was for the best; I don't think I could have kept it together. I will miss you my sister.xoxo

willowsprite said...

I know, it sucks that I couldn't see you again before we left! But I'm glad I got to see you the week of, though - even though it wasn't a proper visit and all. I'll miss you too, sis!
I hope Kylie is feeling better, poor little girl! When I came over, I forgot to ask if she had to be on puffers again for her wheezing. Silly Harsevoort lungs, eh?
Tell Simon not to grow up so fast that I don't recognize him when I see him again. ;)
Love ya,

willowsprite said...

Mom, the picture of the boys is from last summer (Callum still has his curls!) on my birthday when they came for a visit.