Where Does the Time Go?

Sometimes I wish everything would slow down, and at other times, like when the baby kicks me especially hard, I wish it moved quicker.  It seems "like only yesterday" at times, but more often it feels like things have always been a certain way, or at least have moved quite slowly. 
Until you reach the milestones.
Last autumn our first baby boy went to school for the first time...yesterday he just lost his first tooth!
I think it would have been more tragic had none of his fellow classmates gone through this experience before him.
Mr. Sensitive bravely allowed me to yank out the stubborn thing that was just barely hanging on.  It was wiggly for what seemed like ages.  Its neighbour is wiggly, too, but it will be a while yet!
Another milestone reached.

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Mrs. Bob said...

wow, congratulations!!! how exciting!