Five Months!

She rocks herself when she's sitting on our laps, and when she's standing, she loves to jump!  She loves to be where the action is. and is always moving, grabbing everything she can get her chubby little hands on.  Of course whatever it is, it goes straight into her mouth.  She loves to giggle at her brothers, who are always being goofy and trying to get her to laugh.  That or snuggling and kissing her.
Five months old...but it feels like she's always been in our lives...  I always consider it a blessing to forget the first tough weeks of the newborn stage!
So that's what I look like!
She loves the bath!  These days we don't use the blue tub.  She was too confined in it so just lays in the big tub and splashes and squeals to her heart's content!


Linda T said...

Hi Sherri! Congratulations once again on your beautiful daughter! She is only a couple weeks behind our daughter, who is doing much the same as yours (isn't it funny how such a little peanut can soak a bathroom?)! Enjoy the holiday season!
Linda Tenhage (VanSydenborgh)

willowsprite said...

Thanks Linda! Congratulations to you too!