Dress-up Day

Today was dress-up day at C-note's school.  It was suggested that they choose a "hero from a book or movie."  He wanted to be Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia.  The end result of my crafting makes him look more like a medieval knight, but it looks kinda neat, and won him first prize in his grade.  So he's not running-away-from-evil-Uncle-Miraz Caspian, or Voyaging-on-the-Dawntreader Caspian, but perhaps going-to-war-against-the-Telmarines Caspian.
The helm was made of craft foam (inspired by this website), the sword was made of leftover wood bits by Sir, then finished with silver tape and sport tape, his buckler the bottom of a springform pan that was getting rusty anyway, and his "chain-mail" was an open-knit tunic shirt of mine, cinched by a belt from my closet.
Some adjustments were made to the helm after trying it on.  His shoulders kept pushing it up, so I cut off some material.  All in all, a total of $3 was spent to make this costume happen, not including the things found around the house of course!

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