A-team is four!  He's our goofball as you can tell by my attempt to get a "nice birthday picture" above.  He's always on the go and plays well by himself.  He also still likes playing with his mom too.  But it's usually fighting, and he always wins.  Unless we play cars.  But that usually gets violent too.  He's creative as well, but not really into drawing.  His play is creative.  Any object can be something, but then change into something else and the whole scenario changes as well.  He likes helping me in the kitchen and he'll help with other stuff like dusting and sweeping. "I'm making the house all shiny!"  We love his squeaky voice and silly walks.
We celebrated the day with friends for dinner.  His birthday dinner choice we had eaten the night before, though, because just the thought of cooking pancakes for 10 people made me tired.  So we had slow cooker chili and challah! 

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Lisa Pieterman said...

Happy Birthday Asher!!