Snow in Summer

I don't think I've ever needed to use the furnace in June before.  Nor have I seen snow in that month either, as far as I can recall!  But in the first week we actually had some snowfall, and needed some extra heat.  Unfortunately our furnace was broken at the time so we lit all the candles we had.  And baked just for the warmth of the oven.

Well, now it's September, still summer (technically) and now we are experiencing some more chilly weather as you can see...

At least our furnace is repaired.

And it's supposed to warm up again by the weekend.

Welcome to northern Alberta!
My poor lilies.

Watching the flakes fly.

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Lisa Pieterman said...

You can keep it... Asher and Sophia look like they're pulling their hair out over it.

We are having rather torrential rains at the moment here!