Yesterday school was cancelled because of frozen pipes.  So the boys and I did some experimenting with crayon stubs that we've been hanging on to for a long time.  I found this ice mold on clearance at Ikea last year, and the crayons were free from school.  They were going to be thrown away so we took the poor lil' guys in.  After much peeling, sorting, snapping, and melting, we poured them into the tray, along with a fish-shaped mold as well.

 They turned out ok, but some broke easily whilst trying to get them out.  The mold was pretty thick so it was a little hard to bend, but also the crayons themselves seemed brittle.  I think maybe using only one brand might make it work better.  Maybe paraffin and soy waxes don't amalgamate well.
They're kind of chalky looking for some reason.  Maybe because they're old.  And of course they're not as shiny as new crayons because they came from a rubber mold that has a bit of texture, but hey, they still work.
 The fish shaped ones are perfect for little hands.
Fun and cute!


Mrs. Bob said...

cute! how did you melt them?

Herman harsevoort said...

Very colourful!! Frozen pipes at school?? Must be pretty cold out there!! keep warm. Love Dad

willowsprite said...

We put the bits in silicone muffin cups and baked them in a toaster oven at 275 for ten minutes. The cups are easy to pick up individually and pour.