Family Visit!

Mom and Dad came to visit!  Although it seemed too short, it was lovely hosting them out here. Thanks for the chats, coffee times, walks, and all the activities you did with the kids. And that particularly hilarious game of Quiddler!   We love and miss you!  Thank you for visiting us!
 Preparing a welcome banner to hang in their room.
 Playing dominoes!
 Gramma brought some craft supplies.  They made their own foam visors.
 Making use of the packaging materials from our new daybed/pullout double bed.  Tracing figures.
 Hanging out in the warm sun!
 Gramma's turn!
 C-note hanging out with Grampa and reading.
 The nightly story ritual.
 Campfire and s'mores!
 Lots of visits to the local park.
 Swimming at the pool in a nearby town.
Of course we had to stop by the school to check out the new renovations.  This is C-note's new classroom!
 Beach day at Long Island Lake!

 Helping re-shingle our sad, sad shed.
Stopped by our new church building to see how it was getting along.
Bye Gwampa!  See you next year!

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