Uncle Piet and Aunt Fran's

Their house

Part of the pond that runs in front of the house
Pretty flowers!

Stu, Dad H (see the resemblance?) Aunt Hanna, Uncle Ben, Uncle Piet.

Cat, chillin out.

Aunt Hannah with her cherry tomato eyeballs...
Piet wearing my shades...they look good!

Calvin telling Mom a thing or two...


Stuart said...

Ha ha... Piet's wearing girl-glasses!! Piet's a girl!!

willow sprite said...

Hey! You're just jealous that you don't look as cool as Piet.

Lisa said...

Yeah, that's right Stu! Nice pictures Sherri. Looks like nobody was eating the cherry tomatoes, Dad has a lonely one on his plate too!

Those shades did look good on Piet!