Bloedel Conservatory

This triodectic dome sits on the highest point of the Vancouver, in Queen Elizabeth Park. It's a miniature world of waterfalls and bamboo bridges. You can talk to parrots or watch 50 species of birds fly around 500 plant species in a tropical climate. Colourful koi fish swim in an indoor pond. The 15,386 square foot conservatory also houses seasonal garden displays.


Lisa said...

Wow, those are some beautiful birds! Stu looks alright too :)
Time is sure going quickly, isn't it?

Mom said...

sherri sherri sherri! You have the GIFT of photography! What beautiful pictures you've taken! PERFECT! Consider weddings? hehe..Baby pic's for ppl at their house? you would do a FANTASTIC job!
love you!

willow sprite said...

Thanks, Mom! It's handy that I have such a great camera!