Timberline Ranch

Our cousin Elsa, (assistant barn manager) took Mom, Dad, Piet and I on a tour of Timberline Ranch http://www.timberlineranch.com/ in Maple Ridge.
The Lodge from the back

Camera shy
Inspecting the barn

This guy didn't move an inch during the whole photo shoot


King of the hill

I don't think these guys were friends. The pony looked like he was bullying the burro!

Uncle Piet and Aunt Fran's

Their house

Part of the pond that runs in front of the house
Pretty flowers!

Stu, Dad H (see the resemblance?) Aunt Hanna, Uncle Ben, Uncle Piet.

Cat, chillin out.

Aunt Hannah with her cherry tomato eyeballs...
Piet wearing my shades...they look good!

Calvin telling Mom a thing or two...



I just had to put this in here...it's so adorable!


Mom and baby stealing cherries from the tree while Dad watches from the ground.


Bridal Falls

In the heart of Mighty Fraser Country is the community of Bridal Falls, nestled on the floor of the Fraser Valley at the foot of the 2107-meter Mount Cheam.

The Fraser River Valley is truly one of the most picturesque areas of British Columbia. The beautiful falls in Bridal Falls Provincial Park drop over 400 feet to the valley floor, flowing into Bridal Creek and under the highway to Cheam Lake Wetlands.

After a steep fifteen minute hike (probably longer 'cause I had to stop and rest so often) we stopped and battled swarms of mosquitos while photographing the Falls. Stu hiked up further to get better pictures! (I'm down there, in the blue shirt! [center of photo])