Busy Weekend

We went to my inlaw's place to hang out with Piet as Mom and Dad were taking a holiday weekend in Stratford. They used to call St. Marys home for a number of years, so I'm sure they had a great time seeing old sights! They brought us home some yummy chocolates from The Chocolate Factory. Thanks Mom and Dad!

We actually had more company at their place the two days we were there than we've had at our place in a month! :) It was nice to see everyone again!

They have a gorgeous backyard with a little pond and a lovely garden. An ideal place for a photo shoot, especially during the late afternoon sunshine. Of course it wasn't a long session as the heat was borderline unbearable. What a pleasure it was to have central air on a weekend like this! As soon as we got home Sunday night Stu installed our little window unit in, it was so stuffy.

Reuben likes to dress up...with an emphasis on dress. Callum with his Uncle Rick, Dad with Isaiah, and of course sweety Piety.
A pajama party!
Lil Dimples aka Micah ;)

They have more wildlife in their backyard than we do!


Kevin & Amy said...

Great pictures! That first one is gorgeous.

Yay for central air:)

Lisa said...

What adorable adorable children... can't wait to see them all on Sunday!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Also yay for central air!