Thanks, Five Minutes for Mom!

I entered the "two weeks of toys" giveaway at 5 Minutes for Mom and recieved this BebePod Plus! Thanks, Susan and Janice! It's a comfy seat in which he can watch his Baby Einstein DVDs. (Until he grows out of it...soon!)It comes with an attachable toy, too!


Lisa said...

Cool! I never win anything :(
Where's the pictures from Friday night?

willow sprite said...

Oh, you wouldn't like them. We're having too much fun and you'd be jealous.

Kevin & Amy said...

Hey Sherri - is that a Pekkles sleeper? Looks kind of familiar.

Re: watermark, I made mine in Photoshop Elements. If you're interested in having one, let me know what kind of photo editing software you use and I'll see if it will be compatible. I can whip up a couple and you can pick.

willow sprite said...

It sure is! Aren't they great?

I use P.E. too, I'm going to take a look for the watermark feature. Thanks!