Nine Months Old

I keep intending on starting one of those "baby firsts" journals, but you know, those Round Tuits are hard to find. The week before Mom's birthday he cut his first tooth, and you already saw him crawling. He now pulls himself into standing postion wherever and whenever he can, and climbs up on things that are low enough. He also knows some words, such as "light", "cat", "Daddy", "Mommy", "bath", and "book". I love it when he studies my face with wide eyes and mouth agape as I am teaching him a word. Then he tries to repeat it but it always comes out as "gla" or "ada".
He insists on holding his own bottle now. At RBG with Mrs. Bob! Callum absolutely LOVES books! Sometimes he will be very fussy and nothing seems to calm him down. Sit in a chair and read him a book...instant bliss.

Playing peek-a-box with Daddy. I can almost hear him laugh when I look at the last photo.

First big-boy bath


Lisa said...

Nice new template.
Cute Callum.
Hoping for no rain tomorrow night.

Lisa said...

Tim was like that with books too. There were days that I did little else than sit with him on the couch and read....

Mum said...

Aww, Sherri...I can't believe how times flies. Also, I find it amazing how much he looks like you when you were that age., especially the side view of him in that li'l new chair, watching the tv. Exactly you...same hair colour, same round cute face, even the arms are the same. wow.
Anywho, I shall try right now to send you them pics of you when you were that age. Love you!!! xxxx

Kevin & Amy said...

What a beautiful boy! I can definitely see he is mid-laugh in that one picture. My kids love reading too - if I had a nickel for everytime I hear "Book? Read? Ya?" in a day...:) Isn't it so neat when they start learning words? The "I'm so proud of myself" look they get is priceless. Congrats on winning that BebePod chair. Looks pretty cool!