Callum Crawling


Before today, Callum would always do The Worm when he wanted to get somewhere. Suddenly everything seemed to click and all is limbs moved independently!


Lisa said...

Good boy, Callum! Tell your Dad not to be such a worrywart - you'll be going up and down that little step in no time!

Stuart said...

Yeah, he did once and you should have heard him scream! I'm not a worrywart, I just like my peace and quiet....

willow sprite said...

Hey, I caught him before he went over! He was just crying 'cause he was scared. Ever since then he stays back from the edge.

Gramma said...

Oh let him scream once in a while Stu! It's "good for his lungs" LOL!!!
BUT YAY! Callum!! Gramma and Grampa are sooooo proud of you!!!
We played the piece over and over until we knew every move by heart..heehehehe.
Thanks SHERRI!! Be brave Stu!!!
*poke* Just playin with ya.