Picture Overload

My little man
Callum and Sean sharing

Playing cards with Ernie
Who's that guy?
Making cool sounds

A winged visitor
Chillin' with Grandma
Playing with Grandpa
Enjoying spaghetti dinnerBundled up after a bath
Nadia feeding the masses at our Moms + Tots playgroup


T.B.H. said...

Your bird is a rose-breasted grosbeak. Lucky you! Looks like Callum has Gramma's smile!

willow sprite said...

Thanks for the reminder! My mom looked the bird up in her "North American Birds" book, but I had forgotten what it was.
...Yeah, it's amazing how much those two look alike, eh? :)

Kevin & Amy said...

Wow, do they ever look alike - that is insane!! Great pictures - Callum is so adorable! Love the one of him checking himself out in the pan lid, and the spaghetti face one:) So cute!