Until We Meet Again

Opoe with Callum Fall 2007

Stu's grandma passed away with her family by her side on Monday. She was 86 years old. God has taken her up into His heavenly home.


Kevin & Amy said...

I'm sorry for your loss!

willow sprite said...

Thanks Kevin and Amy. :)

Anonymous said...

Our condolences to Stu and you. We are sorry for your loss but as in the hymn you put up we know that one day we will all be raised to a new life. Jack and Jenn and fam.

willow sprite said...

Thanks, Jack and Jenn & family. What a comfort for us that we know where she is! :)

Mum Keep said...

It is with comfort,and also joy when one of God's children enters His arms. With confidence, we say "farewell Mum...we're going to be ok, cuz we know where you are. Your reward for all you've done here, has come to light".
Well done, good and faithful servant.
Attending a funeral of a loved one, brings us again to the realization, that we are only on this earth for a short time. God can call us, young or old, strong or weak, anytime when He sees fit.. Pray for the ones falling away from His Word and refuse to accept what God's will is. For then too, we are good and faithful servants.
My condolances too to Stu's family.