She's Now Mrs. LL

Getting ready!

All done!
Leanne's new family

The bridal party

"Don't fall in!"


Trish's toes

Having fun!

Time to relax...
Husband's first duty... ;)


Maple Ridge Landscapes said...

looks like it was a great day! It's so awesome how God works wonders in people's lives and we are all blessed because of it. Here's to family...God's gift to all of us.

Lisa said...

Nice pictures, Sherri! John, you have a way with words.... after last night, I'm feeling the same way. I love our family!
Looks like the wedding was lovely - Leanne looked gorgeous, as did the rest of the ladies.
Congratulations, Keep and Lodder families!

Anonymous said...

nice pictures Sherri!

Marlaine said...

You and Leanne and the rest looked beautiful, Sher!!

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

I love looking at wedding pictures. Beautiful photos!!

I am so curious, where's you in the picture? I'd love to put a face to a name...I'm ashamed to admit that up to now, I have no clue of what you look like.