Happy Canada Day!

Albert D. Watson's (1859-1926) hymnal version of the Canadian National Anthem:

Lord of the lands, beneath Thy bending skies,
On field and flood, where’er our banner flies,
Thy people lift their hearts to Thee,
Their grateful voices raise:
May our dominion ever be
A temple to Thy praise.
Thy will alone let all enthrone;

Lord of the lands, make Canada Thine own:
Lord of the lands, make Canada Thine own!

Almighty Love, by Thy mysterious power,
In wisdom guide, with faith and freedom dower;
Be ours a nation evermore
That no oppression blights,
Where justice rules from shore to shore,
From lakes to northern lights.
May love alone for wrong atone;


Lord of the worlds, with strong eternal hand,
Hold us in honor, truth and self-command;
The loyal heart, the constant mind,
The courage to be true,
Our wide extending empire bind,
And all the earth renew.
Thy Name be known through every zone;



Marlaine said...

Um. so.... your blog here is a wee bit outdated Sher!! Next post? :-)

mom said...

and also besides being outdated, I sang it to myself a few times and something seems to be missing?
Seems a line either too short, or, one too many.
Sing it to yourself and see....

love you! see you Friday!

willowsprite said...

Wow, two comments in one day! Cool.
I was waiting forever for these...now I can finally blog again!! :P
P.S. I just sang it all, it works perfectly! Did you forget the tune, Mom?!

Jenn said...

Hey Sherri,

Have fun with Callum's b-day today! What is this that I see in your side bar? 13 weeks and 1 day along? Congratulations...I'm about that far too! I guess Feb/March will be quite busy for us!