Another Great List

Have no fear! Help is here! After scouring the web for the best toys for kids that don’t contain questionable chemicals like phthalates and BPA or heavy metals like lead, Healthy Child, Healthy World presents the ultimate gift: a guide to save you tons of time this holiday season. Forget paging through catalogues (do people still do that in the digital age?) or spending hours traipsing from store to store. You will find everything you need for everyone on your shopping list right here. So, bookmark this page and start amassing the amazing gifts that will light up your child’s eyes this season (with the durability to last for many more).

Healthy Child also shares some tips for choosing toys, as well as a handy pocket guide for when you're out and about.

• Opt for solid wood instead of plastic (look for FSC-certified wood [sustainable] that is either unfinished or has a non-toxic coating).
• Choose soft toys made of organic textiles (cotton, hemp, wool, etc).
• If you select toys with batteries, choose rechargeable ones.
• Save money and reduce pollution by considering used toys from your local thrift store, eBay, Craigslist, Freecycle, or yard sales (follow these tips for secondhand safety).
• Look for toys made with post-consumer recycled materials and those made with minimum packaging, or packaging made from post-consumer products.

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