"Helping" put up the tree

It's been a couple of years since we've had the tree up. Last year we were away half of the month, and the year before we had a new baby and didn't think about it too much...besides not having room with a swing and excersaucer taking up so much space! In fact, we had to remove our papasan chair so we could have the tree up this year! But the sight of a pretty lit-up tree is nice, even though it takes up so much of our living/playing room. Callum loves to help. With everything. His favorite saying lately has been "No, my do it!" or "MY turn!" Note the concentration...

Callum loves the "kismis tree".
I see you, Mommy!


Marlaine said...

I'll have to come see it. Soon... ?

mom said...

hahah...cute pics. Sorry it took so long to look at them. Seems like so much is going on lately.