First Part of Our Trip

I'm finally posting the rest of the photos from our family trip to Jasper. Hope you enjoy them!
Two eager kids, ready to go! (I won't show you the pictures I took of them after a few hours of driving - don't want to embarrass them too much...)
After about four hours later, we arrived at Tekarra Lodge, where we had booked a tiny cabin for the night. Much to the boys' relief there was a little playground about ten steps away. Then we stretched our legs on a trail that ran along the river.

The view from the trail. With conveniently placed Adirondack chairs.After our walk, A-team went for a nap, and C-note and I climbed down to the milky-blue ice cold river and skipped stones, watching river rafters go by.It took some convincing to get this photo. He wasn't quite sure about these totem pole creatures at first.
Our little cabin. The inside.
Miette River
That afternoon we went to Athabasca Falls and Pyramid Island. We could walk to the island on a bridge constructed over the lake.
Sitting on a bench on Pyramid Island.
I thought the mountain framed in the mirror looked neat...
On the drive down
Imagine seeing mountains every day, like the people living here!
Some goats crossing the road.
On the other side.

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Kim M said...

Cute little cabin! Much nice than a tent - especially with kids!