New Sweaters!

Gorgeous sweaters made by one of our aunts in Ontario! As soon as I took them out of the box, I knew that a photoshoot was in order. Thanks, Aunt Johanna, for your time and talent in creating these warm and cozy sweaters for the boys! They love the toys you tucked in the box too.

I love at all the different textures and patterns - so neat!
One of only two non-goofy shots of C-note.
Looking at the neighbour's cat.
...then he came over to play.


Lisa said...

Great sweaters!
I miss Asher's curls :( He looks like such a big boy

(Word verification: seusippi - is that a cross between Dr. seuss and Pippi longstocking??? Hmmm)

willowsprite said...

Yeah, I miss them too! :*( All he has is a wave now. I was hoping they would come back, but alas...