Springtime in Central Alberta

A cold and frrrosty morning.We've had some spring-ish weather, with frost in the mornings which would melt when the sun came up. The snow has been slowly melting, but then we'd get dumped on:
Sunday morning snowfall, which melted in the afternoon.
Thursday morning's snowfall, some of which melted in the afternoon.
Although the birds are probably confused, at least they're well insulated if they perch inside the tree. We still have lots of snow, and good packing snow too! Want to come over and make some snowmen/women/animals?
Watching it all...
Some wildlife behind our house...


Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh, beautiful but chilly! {sending warm thoughts your way!}

Herman harsevoort said...

It certainly looks nice and white, but cold!! Great that you have wildlife coming right up to your backyard. And Callum and Asher get a "picture window" view of it all!
Love you ALL

Lisa said...

What is all that white stuff? Looks vaguely familiar... we haven't seen much of it this winter!

Here people are already cutting their grass!