Play Dough!

Once a year, or every other year, depending on how long our last batch lasted, we make play dough.  It's super easy to make, and a lot of fun to play with!  I can't remember which recipe we used last time, but this year we found Instructibles.  They have all steps listed and pictured so it's really easy to follow.  All cooked dough recipes out there are basically the same, this one made a bit more than the last one because it filled my dough containers and we had some left over!
 The cooked and kneaded dough, ready for colour and scent!
 Blue and a couple of drops each of peppermint, wintergreen and spearmint.  This is A-team's favourite.

Refilled containers of freshly made dough!  Yellow has lemon and lemongrass oil, green is lime, and orange has mandarin and sweet orange essential oils.

So fun!


Herman harsevoort said...

A very talented and industrious Mom!! Hours of fun for the kids!1 Love Grandpa

Marlaine said...

I was just thinking yesterday I should try playdough with Kelsey... would you recommend this recipe?

willowsprite said...

For sure! Just get a cheap box of table salt, some food colouring, cream of tartar, flour and oil and you're on your way to some cheap play stuff. What I like most about homemade dough is that it feels softer, not rubbery like playdoh, it seems to last longer and doesn't crumble as quickly. But it has been years since I've actually played with the commercial stuff so maybe it has improved. Enjoy!