A-team turned five this past Sunday!  He was, as all little boys are, very excited the last few weeks up until his birthday. We love our goofy guy, full of adventure and derring-do.  He loves to be a super hero, fire fighter or knight and save people from harm.  Often he will come up to me and proclaim in a serious, deep hero voice, "What do you want me to do?"  Then I have to tell him about my cat in the tree, or a fire in the kitchen, or enemies attacking the castle.

Dad and big bro building his firetruck for him
Lately he has become a deeper thinker and is asking questions about life and faith.  Or he will make a comment about spiritual things - and that's when we as parents realize that what we talk about is taking hold, and we rejoice in that and pray he will continue to grow in the knowledge of his Saviour.
This fall he will be going to Kindergarten!  Right now I am teaching him his letter sounds in preparation.  Right now he can read simple words with made with the letters a, s, d, t, e, r, and m.  I did that with C-note too and I think it really helped him get a head start and interested in reading as he reads all the time!
Attack of the balloons!
Fun with static!
Friends came for supper and cake!


Marlaine said...

Just catching up on feeds now... congrats to Asher on his birthday! LOVE the "What do you want me to do?"... so cute!! :)

Your kids are getting so big, Sher! Hope all is well with you and Stu.

Mrs. Bob said...

he looks soooo grown up!

Herman harsevoort said...

Thanks for posting Sherri! We miss you all when I see the pictures and your comments, just want to hug him! Love, Mom H