Eight Weeks Old

"Sometimes a mother can look into the face of her child and be struck to the very core of her being with love. The emotion is so intense it almost hurts with a sweet sting that brings tears to her eyes. Mother-love must be one of the strongest feelings possible."
--Christa Kinde

Never have I experienced emotions such as these. When our son smiles at me, responds to my voice with his little voice, even just hearing him breathe...it's an amazing, indescribable, profound feeling that arises within me. That God would entrust us with such a precious gift, another human being...it astounds me.

Little boy, big chair.

We are always amazed at how well Callum can hold up his head. He's a strong little guy!Basically from his second week of life he was able to push his upper body off the floor with his arms. I'll put those pictures in my next post.


Lisa said...

And now the fun part begins, as he starts to react and interact with the big wide world around him! Enjoy it!

Gramma said...

Awwwww my little munchkin!! You are so big now,..where does the time go?! I can't wait to see you again...when i look at your pictures it just makes me want to come over again already!! Gramma loves you soooooooo much! Happy 8 week birthday sweety!!

willow sprite said...

Thanks for leaving comments. I love reading them!