More pictures of...guess who?

Don't you wish you had a teddy bear this big?

Two Pieters

C-note behaved very well during Tasha and Blake's wedding reception.

"What's that Marigold?"
Smiles and giggles.

Patches keeping watch.

Daddy's first baby-bathing experience!

The afterbath. Thanks Abe and Amy for the cute towel!


Mrs. Bob said...

he has the CUTEST smiles!!!!

i love the pictures!

Gramma said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww..there's my pumpkinshmumpkin sweetypie! He looks so big now. Love the first pic with the bear next to him..His look is as if he's thinking, "Ya, see this fist? Wanna make sumpthin outta me sittin with a teddy bear? I thought not."
He looks like Mr.Tough...But he's MY BOY! And still my schnookumwookum..munchkin Doll...*KISS from Gramma*

Lisa said...

Oh dear.... I think Gramma needs a Callum fix!